5550 G2 Mobile Stage

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Avalible for sale and long term lease

5550 G2 Stage system don't need cement blocs  of external guide wires like the first generation.


TRIM is 36' to low steel and up to 42' at the peak

Deck is 52'X40' with a load capacity of 100 lbs per square foot.

Roof is 52'X45' with a load capacity of 60 000 lbs plus

The structure is totally galvanized.

Similar sizes from our competitor: Stage Line SAM 500 and Stage Line SAM 550 or 575, APEX 50X40

Come standard with the following accessory's:


20' WIDE 8000 lbs per PA wing.

Stage Skirt

2 Set of stairs


For a complete quote Call Stephane Berger


Optionnal 30' Wide PA wing avalible


Slope Tent avalible & Loading dock setup avalible