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  • $379,000.00


Our PRO series mobile stage come standard with:

2200 LBS PA wings

Stage Skirt

1 Set of stair



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Better than Stage Line SL260

Our Pro Series mobile stages are our most adaptable and
upgradable series yet. Perfect for rental companies,
organizations and institutions faced with ever changing
challenges. A Pro Series stage can be purchased to satisfy
current needs and can still be expanded the year after, with
front and/or back floor extensions, light or heavy duty
canopies, even a super duty roof extension that adds another
10 000 pound to its already impressive 30 000 lb capacity!
Of course, all the professional features introduced by the
Lightweight Series, such as a more robust construction,
performance-ready engineering, safer design, simpler
installation and attention to esthetic details, are also present
in the Pro Series, only stronger and even better.
The Pro Series have been designed by entertainment industry
professionals for serious performances. The roof can support
hundreds of lighting fixtures, sound wings can carry multiple
arrays, and extensions are built with the future in mind, able
to withstand the weight of complex modular LED screen
systems, and so on.
Hundred of improvements, big and small, allow the Pro
Series to be deployed in as little time as 2 hours with only
two operators. Quick set-ups and fast strike-downs translate
into more performances and, ultimately, more profits. And
remember that our optimum staging areas, perfect
non-vibrating floors and hinges covers, acoustically neutral
designs, clear lines of sight, built-in sound and lighting
necessities, go a long way towards guaranteeing
your technical success!