Mobile Stage: 55 50 BASIC SETUP

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  • $25,000.00

FOR RENT at 25 000$ 

Much nicer look than the Stage Line SAM 550 or Stage Line SAM 555 or Stage Line SAM 575.

2 units available.

55'X50'X40' Hybrid Logic Stage Mobile Stage  5550 SPEC SHEET

See 5550 with bay for the version with wings.

Deck is 52'X40' with a load capacity of 100 lbs per square foot.

Roof is 52'X45' with a load capacity of 40 000 lbs plus 8000 lbs per PA wing.

Stage can be set in 1 day.

This stage requires a crane for the set up. 

We rent this unit around NORTH AMERICA, including but not limited to Florida,Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto area.