MEGAguard Crowd Barrier

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Galvanized wire.

Provides safe and effective crowd control for shows, festivals or any large gathering. Heavy duty 6 gauge welded wire mesh panel welded to 3 sided 16 gauge (1 1/4") tubing. See features below:


  • Installs faster, saves on manpower
  • Harder to climb
  • Added security and safety for public,  no limbs can pass through the mesh
  • Less obstruction for spectators
  • Children can't cross under the barrier
  • Easy to set-up and take down
  • Quick and easy to remove sections for emergency vehicles, without jeopardizing the integrity of the perimeter
  • Appropriate for all types of events
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Proven corrosion resistance, fits any decor
  • Easy to attach a wide variety of advertising media in order to generate more revenues