Stackable Rolling Decking Carts

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3 main models are available; the vertical, low rider and flat pack . All models are also available in different lengths. 4' long, 6' long and 8' long. The stackable rolling decking carts can be stacked 4 high if the wheels on the first cart are removed. 

The vertical model can fit up to 10 decks. 

The low rider model can fit legs, braces and accessories. 

The flat pack model  can fit 8 to 9 decks. 

Different types of stacking configurations are possible: 40'' wide stack can be stacked on the the 48'' wide and vice versa. 

The stackable cargo carts come standard with cup feet to allow for stable stacking and loading on a flat bed or in open top containers.



The horizontal tube can be used a as lifting point when using a crane to load in open top containers.

Here's how you can maximize your 40' container load. You can easily fit 8 flat pack carts containing 4'x8's  and 4 vertical flat pack carts for a total of 112 decks. You could also add 4 low rider carts to fit legs and accessories plus another set of 4'X6' racks to fit deck below 6' in the bottom rack and accessories below 7' long in the low rider bin.

The decks can be stacked high for storage or simply 2 high in container load. 

40' open top and regular 40' and 20' GP container or high cube container.


We designed 48'' and 41'' wide carts, in order to be able to load side by side in the sea containers that are maxed in width. 

The 40'' carts can be placed side by side in large cube trucks.

For storage, the 40'' and the 48'' can be stacked together.


The cargo carts are suitable for many applications and environments such as:

-Small to large rental operations

-Large tours

-Convention center

-And much more...


Racks come standard black coated steel. Custom colors are also available for large orders.